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Hi, and welcome to my page! My name's on a need to know basis, meaning I only tell people I'm very close to, but you can call me either Spirit or Buzz. If you ever have any questions, about anything you think I'd be able to help you with, please let me know! I love to be able to help others, and that's not limited to how deviantART as a site works.

I'm currently studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine in University, something that will continue happening for at least another year, before I am eligible to apply for Veterinary Medicine. So, at certain times, I may be stressed out or otherwise unable to submit art. If you could be patient with me for these times, that would be greatly appreciated.

Places you can contact me ; my characters on that site:
Bryniel ; Gullpaw - Pebblepaw - Hollykit
AitW ; Aiden - Brett - Gale - Holly - Jay - Jet - Karson - Renner - Wiess
Warriors-of-Old ; Mintleaf

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Commissions to do

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Requests to do
- Duskhawk Guild member requests

Collabs to do
-Collab with Dictator-Wolfeye of Chip and Holl - holly could be sitting on a rock looking all noble and chip could be standing/sitting next to her on the ground(sketching+colouring) Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist

Gifts/Personal Projects to do
- Hollykit + Chipmunkkit attacking a rock while dressed as a knight(w/reed sword) and queen (w/worm crown) Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist

Working speed
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Groups to look into joining
- Path-Of-The-Stars <- Looks interesting, look at when you have your tablet again

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Duskhawk Guild *Free Art*

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 8:40 AM
Guys! On BRYNIEL, I am a leader of a group in the Outskirts. And, this group is intended to be involved with WindClan, and maybe more Clans in the future. However, in order to get these plots in motion, there needs to be a few more members in the Guild. And if you join, let me know and I'll draw you any of your characters for free. If it's your Duskhawk Guild cat, it'll be shaded and the like. If it's just a random character of yours, it'll just be a flat colour. However, the point stands, ANYONE WHO JOINS WILL RECEIVE FREE ART FROM ME.

The Duskhawk Guild is a group of cats who preform mundane tasks for anyone who will hire them. They expect payment when they do these jobs, and payment can range from anywhere from territory to prey. They will drive out predators, help with numbers when going into battle, and even perform assassinations. Also, the ranks in the guild are shown by the type of feather that the cat either has woven into their fur, or on their body somewhere.

For more information, CLICK HERE for the Proboards site. It explains in more detail about the ranks, the idea behind the guild and other information. If you have trouble navigating, just ask and I'll let ya' know.

Below is a list of members. If Request Available is by your name, you are eligible for a request. If Drawn is by your name, your request has been completed. 


Spark [Roleplayer - Spiritpie ] Drawn

Vice Leader | Head Medic:
Nikolai [Roleplayer - Dictator-Wolfeye ] Request Available

Head Mercenary:
Armageddon [Roleplayer - Sycamorepaw on Bryniel] Request Available

Assistant Medic:
None until more members join

Fallen [Roleplayer - Spiritpie ]
Abhaya [Roleplayer - MaliiThyManic ] Request Received
Ivy [Roleplayer - ~Rootkit&Cinna~ on Bryniel] Request Received
Fridley [Roleplayer - xoxo-tee-xoxo ] Request Pending

Part Time Mercenaries:
Casket [Roleplayer - Grease-LightningRequest Received
Kestrel [Roleplayer - Dictator-Wolfeye

Tundra [Roleplayer - Dewpaw on Bryniel] Request Available
Indigo [Roleplayer - Brightkit on Bryniel] Request Available



Guild Elders:

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