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Art Status and Rules

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Commission Rules and Prices are below.

To Do

Working speed
Very slow - Slow - Moderate - Fast - Super fast

What I WILL do:
- Animals
[Keep in mind that I mostly draw cats and it will take a bit to develop a non-feline style]
- Pokemon
- Moderately Gorey
[Don't take it too far]
- Fanart/Scenes from novels
- Scenes from an rp/story

What I WILL NOT do:
- NSFW/Nudity
- Humans
[I am not comfortable enough with my humans to sell them yet]
- Hate Art/Offensive Art

v v Prices below v v


Sketch example by Spiritpie
A hastily drawn sketch with simple colouring and no shading or background
Custom Lineart
Generic Standing Cat Lineart by Spiritpie
Free Chibi cat lineart by Spiritpie
Can be a .PSD (With layers) or .PNG, just ask upon request.
The lineart will be submitted with a large watermark as just a screenshot, and then sent to the commissioner to ensure that it is only their lineart.
Sleeping-Seven Trade by Spiritpie
Sincerelyemily Commission by Spiritpie
A headshot of your character with simple shading and no background.
Simple Commission
Amayasvetta Commission by Spiritpie
Skystar Commission by Spiritpie
A single character drawn with more complex shading and no background. 
+ Character to Simple Commission
Adding a character to the simple commission
Complex Commission
Dorks by Spiritpie
VulpesIratus Commission by Spiritpie
Your choice of up to two characters and a full colour background. If requesting this commission, please have a background picked out (Forest, barn, field, ect.) because I am still working on making the backgrounds worthwhile.
+ Character to Complex Commission
Adding a character to the complex commission
+ Speedpaint
This is only applicable for the Simple and Complex commissions. 

A speedpaint will be made of your commission being drawn (Lined, Coloured and Shaded, not sketching) and uploaded to my youtube. If you have music picked out, please tell me as it is your commission.

Please read this journal 

1 deviant said…
1 deviant said I think your prices are too high to commission you
1 deviant said I'd commission you if I had more money/points
1 deviant said I wouldn't commission you even if I could
No deviants said Your prices are too low!

Apology *Please Read*

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 8:12 PM
First and foremost, I would like to say sorry. Both for what I said in my previous journal and what I'm about to do now. 

When I typed the journal that had previously been on my page, the one about me leaving, I was under a lot of stress - even when I posted the calmer, edited version. Having had my art stolen numerous times and still receiving little to no recognition as the artist had been getting on my nerves, however now I realize that my intention to leave the site without much of a word was childish.

I've gone back and rethought my initial idea and I am not going to be leaving this site - I will be continuing to upload art here and taking commissions. I enjoy drawing, and even though I have a lot to improve on, I really hope that drawing more and getting people to offer critiques, that I will get out of just drawing cats and be able to have a more diverse pallet of things to draw.

So, in saying all this, I'm going to be reopening the commissions widget on my page in hopes of actually making money. This is the important part of the journal. In the fall, I leave for university. And my family, while in no means is poor, is not well off either. I don't have a lot of money, despite having a job. I get little to no hours and do not enjoy what I do in the least. So please consider commissioning me, I know this is very child-like and begging, but I would like to be able to pay my way into school without leaning too heavily on my parents in this case, and without getting under too much debt. 

I understand that not many people can commission because of not having enough money. But if you could signal boost this journal, I would really appreciate it. The commissions widget takes points and allows me to convert them to money, and it would mean so much to me if people could commission me so I could go to school without having too much of a loan.

I'll try to get my page all sorted out by tomorrow evening at the latest. Thanks for reading if you got this far, and even if you cannot do anything to help, just thanks for looking at my art and supporting me by doing so. I love all my watchers so much.
Thank you all.


|Spirit|16|Female|♐|Mage of Breath|

I have claimed Brokenstar of ShadowClan at :iconwarriorcatsclaim:

look at this later



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Open your commission slots I need this in my life cri
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