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Done *edit*

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 11, 2014, 6:18 PM
im done uploading art here

*EDIT* I figured that maybe I should offer a bit more explanation than just that statement. Please excuse it, because I was just really frustrated and tired and all around finished with everything when I made this journal the first time.
Here's a note that I sent to someone explaining everything, I hope it clears everything up:

"im leaving more because im tired of deviantart and the community of it in general. ive had my art stolen so much these past few months - i havent made a big deal over it - but it really pissed me off. And on some of the stolen arts that have since been taken down, theyve gotten more comments and favourites on them, which is a little annoying. also ive gotten a bunch of hate for not doing requests and people saying my art isnt worth what i have it priced at so really i just got sick and tired of it.
im in no way going to stop drawing im just going to move my art to tumblr."

I might come back at some point if the community improves, but if I do it'd be under a new name and new account to get a fresh start, and away from the art thieves hopefully. 

Pokemon White 2 Nuzlocke Log

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 25, 2014, 6:47 PM
Jk-Howling and I decided to each do a Pokemon White 2 nuzlocke together! We've got a set group of rules, and I added my own onto it that she doesn't have to follow if she doesn't wanna. This is basically just a log of my team, who's died, who's boxed, and all that fun stuff!

Check out Jk-Howling 's log here: Howl's Log

[Group Rules]
1: Only catch the first encounter per route/area.
2: If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be boxed.
3: Nickname all Pokemon.
4: Dupes clause; if we encounter a Pokemon that we have previously caught, we may skip it, to instill variety.
5: Shiny clause; if we encounter a shiny, all other rules are to be ignored and you may catch it.
[My optional rules]
6: If you have the 'dex entry, it is considered a duplicate
        -EXCEPTING: Version Mascot is okay.
8: Places with an inside and outside are counted as different areas.
9: No Buying Healing Items
        -If they are found around the world, they're fair game to use.


8/8 Collected - Complete

Current Status:
Going to Plasma Boat-thing 

Current Team:

 Aslan/Level 50/♂/Jolly Nature/Capable of taking hits/Starter Pokemon
  • Ability: Overgrow
  • Moves: Slam, Growth, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain
Alvinl/Level 39/♂/Relaxed Nature/Likes to thrash about/Caught on Route 22
  • Ability: Regenerator 
  • Moves: Calm Mind, Force Palm, Drain Punch, Jump Kick
 Kiara/Level 50/♀/Sassy Nature/Very finicky/Caught in Chargestone Cave
  • Ability: Compound Eyes
  • Moves: Electro Ball, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Signal Beam
Xylon/Level 50/Adamant Nature/Likes to relax/Caught on Route 13
  • Ability: Natural Cure
  • Moves: Surf, Psychic, Power Gem, Light Screen
Holly/Level 51/♀/Brave Nature/Proud of its power/Caught on Route 14
  • Ability: Natural Cure
  • Moves: Bulldoze, Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard, Fly
Edward/Level 52/♂/Docile Nature/Somewhat stubborn/Caught on Route 16
  • Ability: Magic Guard
  • Moves: Psychic, Dizzy Punch, Light Screen, Shadow Ball

 [Caught on Route 19]
 [Caught on Route 5]
 [Caught on Route 4]
 [Caught on Driftveil Drawbridge]
 [Caught in Castelia Gardens]
 [Obtained in the Weather Institute]
[Caught on Route 7]

[Caught in the Strange House]
[Caught in Undella Bay]
[Caught on Route 12]
[Caught on Village Bridge]
[Caught on Route 9]
[Caught in Reversal Mountain]
[Caught in Seaside Cave]

 [Caught in Sewers/Died in Casteila Garden]
[Caught in Lostlorn Forest/Died in battle vs. Charles]
 [Caught in Desert Resort/Died in battle vs. Ace Trainer in Reversal Mountain]
 [Caught on Floccesy Ranch/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Caught in Verbank Complex/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Caught outside Reversal Mountain/Died via Blackbelt's Heracross Close Combat]
[Obtained in Driftveil City/Died from Drayden's trainer]

Daycare: None


|Spirit|16|Female|♐|Mage of Breath|

I have claimed Brokenstar of ShadowClan at :iconwarriorcatsclaim:

look at this later


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