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Art Status and Rules

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Commission Rules and Prices are below.

To Do
- Art trade with Dictator-Wolfeye of Leili bounce Pastel Progress Bars - Purple %25 by Kazhmiran {Waiting for Reference/Sketched possible bodyshape}
- Next Buzzlocke page Pastel Progress Bars - Purple %25 by Kazhmiran {Scripted}
- bear!natalie Pastel Progress Bars - Purple %0 by Kazhmiran {idea}

Working speed
Very slow - Slow - Moderate - Fast - Super fast

What I WILL do:
- Animals
[Keep in mind that I mostly draw cats and it will take a bit to develop a non-feline style]
- Pokemon
- Moderately Gorey
[Don't take it too far]
- Fanart/Scenes from novels
- Scenes from an rp/story

What I WILL NOT do:
- NSFW/Nudity
- Humans
[I am not comfortable enough with my humans to sell them yet]
- Hate Art/Offensive Art

v v Prices below v v


"Bounce" Animation
ClimbToTheStars Animation Commission REDO by Spiritpie
Small bounce animation of your character
Custom Lineart
Generic Standing Cat Lineart by Spiritpie
Free Chibi cat lineart by Spiritpie
Can be a .PSD (With layers) or .PNG, just ask upon request.
The lineart will be submitted with a large watermark as just a screenshot, and then sent to the commissioner to ensure that it is only their lineart.
Sleeping-Seven Trade by Spiritpie
Sincerelyemily Commission by Spiritpie
A headshot of your character with simple shading and no background.
Simple Commission
Amayasvetta Commission by Spiritpie
Skystar Commission by Spiritpie
A single character drawn with more complex shading and no background. 
+ Character to Simple Commission
Adding a character to the simple commission
Complex Commission
Dorks by Spiritpie
VulpesIratus Commission by Spiritpie
Your choice of up to two characters and a full colour background. If requesting this commission, please have a background picked out (Forest, barn, field, ect.) because I am still working on making the backgrounds worthwhile.
+ Character to Complex Commission
Adding a character to the complex commission
Happy Birthday Lightning! by Spiritpie
A Lineless drawing of your character. Transparent background with silhouette behind the character
+ Character to Lineless Commission
Add a character to your lineless commission
+ Speedpaint
This is only applicable for the Simple, Complex and Lineless commissions. 

A speedpaint will be made of your commission being drawn (Lined, Coloured and Shaded, not sketching) and uploaded to my youtube. If you have music picked out, please tell me as it is your commission.

Pokemon X Wonderlocke

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 5:22 AM

Jk-Howling and I decided that, since the White 2 Nuzlockes went so well, we wanted to do another one! This time a Wonderlocke, with our X versions! This log will keep track of my team; who's currently on it, who's died and who's in the box.

Check out Jk-Howling 's log: Howl's Log

[Group Rules]
1: Only catch the first encounter per route/area.
1a: When you catch a Pokemon, it must be Wondertraded as soon as possible.
1b: Areas with an inside and an outside count as two areas.
1c: Static/Gift Pokemon (i.e Snorlax/Kanto Starters) count as a Pokemon seperate from the Route.
2: If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed.
3: Since they are Wondertraded, you cannot actually nickname Pokemon. However, you can have a name that you refer to them as in the game/this log.
4: Dupes clause; if you receive a Pokemon that you have previously obtained, you may Wondertrade again.
5: Shiny clause; if you encounter a shiny, you are allowed to catch by any means possible and keep the Pokemon. However, it must be boxed.
6: Level cap clause; Your Pokemon must not be above the level of the Gym Leader's highest leveled Pokemon. This is to make the game more challenging. 
[Personal Rules]
7: If you already have one of the evolutions of the Pokemon, it is considered a duplicate.
8a: If the Legendary is somehow under the level cap, you may keep it and potentially use it, but only in trainer battles, not gym battles.
9: No buying healing items
9a: If they are found around the world, they're fair game to use.

2-2 by Spiritpie3-2 by Spiritpie4-2 by Spiritpie5-2 by Spiritpie6-2 by Spiritpie7-2 by Spiritpie8-2 by Spiritpie

Current Status:
Making way through Route 5

Current Team:
Leafeon [Dex]/Level 13/♂/Impish Nature/Strong Willed
  • Ability: Leaf Guard
  • Moves: Quick Attack, Swift, Tackle, Tail Whip
Stoya [Stoya]/Level 12/♂/Relaxed Nature/Mischievous
  • Ability: Rough Skin
  • Moves: Take Down, Sand Tomb, Slash, Dragon Claw
 Monferno [Will]/Level 17/♂/Jolly Nature/Often lost in thought
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt
ヨーギラス [Cory]/Level 13/♂/Modest Nature/Alert to sounds
  • Ability: Guts
  • Moves: Leer, Dragon Dance, Iron Head, Stealth Rock
Vivillon [Casey]/Level 12/♀/Modest Nature/Loves to eat
  • Ability: Compound Eyes
  • Moves: Tackle, Struggle Bug, Stun Spore, Protect
 アブソル [Solstice]/Level 1/♀/Adamant Nature/Capable of taking hits
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Moves: Taunt, Scratch, Feint, Play Rough


Venonat [Lexie]/Level 5/♀/Careful Nature/Mischievous
デスマス [Liz]/Level 1/♀/Calm Nature/Takes plenty of siestas



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alter-ego game: What a well-behaved boy. You amuse yourself by looking through the magazines. What's this? A LADY WITH NO CLOTHES ON?! Dad will never believe this. How silly.

What should I do with the 193 points I have left? 

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