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Hi, and welcome to my page! My name's on a need to know basis, meaning I only tell people I'm very close to, but you can call me either Spirit or Buzz. If you ever have any questions, about anything you think I'd be able to help you with, please let me know! I love to be able to help others, and that's not limited to how deviantART as a site works.

I'm currently studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine in University, something that will continue happening for at least another year, before I am eligible to apply for Veterinary Medicine. So, at certain times, I may be stressed out or otherwise unable to submit art. If you could be patient with me for these times, that would be greatly appreciated.

Places you can contact me ; my characters on that site:
Bryniel ; Gull - Pebblepaw - Hollykit
AitW ; Aiden - Brett - Gale - Holly - Jay - Jet - Karson - Renner - Wiess
SunClansReturn ; Ottercloud
TribesoftheMountain ; maybe River that Murmurs Softly

Other Website Profiles
Youtube Tumblr

Art Status To-Do

Open PComms by EnjoumouClosed Comms by EnjoumouClosed Requests by EnjoumouAsk Trades by EnjoumouFO Collabs by Enjoumou
Commission Rules and Prices are here:….

To Do
Bounce of Puddlekit (dark one) ; sassy, clever, and playful. Note: tail is very whispy and long, kinda vapor-like

Art Trades

-Collab with Dictator-Wolfeye of Chip and Holl - holly could be sitting on a rock looking all noble and chip could be standing/sitting next to her on the ground(sketching+colouring) Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist

Gifts/Personal Projects
- Hollykit + Chipmunkkit attacking a rock while dressed as a knight(w/reed sword) and queen (w/worm crown) Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist

Working speed
Very slow - Slow - Moderate - Fast - Super fast


bounce commission for thefurrycharmer of their character, puddlekit!


Commission Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 4:30 PM
// Update 10/9/14 // I've added pixel icon commissions!
I'm really sorry for continuing to advertise my commissions like this. But I really need money, because I'm attending university, and no longer have a job due to that. (My job isn't offering me any hours this Summer or Christmas break due to them having to hire someone else as I went off to school). This is also so I can keep a well organized page and take the commissions widget off, only having to put it up when someone orders a commission. 

1: Please try to be polite when ordering a commission. I have the right to refuse you if you are being rude and/or not respecting the rules.

2: I currently only do animals and Pokemon, because I do not feel comfortable enough about my people drawing to sell those for a profit.

3: PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR NSFW I am very uncomfortable drawing that.

4a: Please try not to rush me. I understand that you may not want to wait however long it takes to get a commission done, and you yourself have the right to not pay IF I HAVE NOT FINISHED THE LINEART. If I have finished the lineart you will be unable to take back your order, because that would have taken a long time.

4b: My to-do list is up on my page, as well as signs as to what is and isn't open. Please refer to that to see how busy I am/how long a commission will take.

5: I can only fix major things if you point them out when I show you a Work in Progress image. If you ask for something major to be changed (i.e. the pose of a character) on the final image, I have the right to deny that.

6: Please do not complain that prices are too high. I understand that in point value they look kind of high, but they're all two dollars or less in real money, which would not get someone far for groceries and tuition for university.

7: Though not required, it would be great to have an idea of your character's personality so that I can put them in a pose/situation to reflect that!

8: When your commission is finished, I will open the commission widget and ask you to pay there, so that I can convert the points to money so I may use it off of DeviantART.

9: Please read and understand the rules. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask as I will not hesitate to answer as nicely and as quickly as possible

Commission Examples and Prices:
Pixel Icon -- 50 Points // 70-100 for Animated Icon
A 50x50 pixel icon of your character (Can also be shaded upon request)! Can be animated simply, but will cost extra.

"Bounce" animation -- 50 Points
A small basic animation of your character doing the 'bounce' that is commonly used for journal dolls. You can specify the dimensions.
ClimbToTheStars Animation Commission REDO by Spiritpie

Custom Lineart -- 70 Points
A lineart, MS Paint or Photoshop, for only your use. The file uploaded will have a large watermark, while I will contact you with a file with a small watermark and, if a PSD document, with the different layers.
**If you want shading that is +20 points**
Free Chibi cat lineart by Spiritpie

Bust -- 90 Points
A full colour headshot (from the shoulders up) portrait of your character with shading and no background.
Sincerelyemily Commission by Spiritpie

Simple Commission -- 100 Points
A full colour drawing of a single character with no background and full shading. 
Skystar Commission by Spiritpie
**If you would like to add a character it's +20 Points each**

Complex Commission -- 150 Points
A full colour drawing of a single character with a full background and complex shading. 
Talking Away :SunClan: by Spiritpie
**If you would like to add a character it's +30 Points each**

Lineless -- 200 Points
A lineless drawing of your character with no background and a silhouette behind them.
Happy Birthday Lightning! by Spiritpie
**If you would like to add a character it's +70 Points each**

Add a Speedpaint to a Commission -- 70 Points
If you would like, I can record the drawing process from the point where the sketch is finished to the point that the drawing is finished. You would be required to provide a song for the video, and the video could be anywhere from three to ten minutes in length.

Again if you have any questions, FEEL FREE TO ASK. I do not bite nor will I get angry for you asking a question. In fact, I welcome them so I can continue to improve this journal with clearer instructions for commissioners!


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|Spirit|16|Female|♐|Mage of Breath|

I have claimed Brokenstar of ShadowClan at :iconwarriorcatsclaim:

alter-ego game: What a well-behaved boy. You amuse yourself by looking through the magazines. What's this? A LADY WITH NO CLOTHES ON?! Dad will never believe this. How silly.


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